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Usage Guidelines

Aiyoku has no problem with people using various works from her portfolio as long as it is for non-profit / personal use with credit & a proper link back to the content.

She does not appreciate ANY of her content being used by GFX art scammers & unethical AI/ML systems, sold elsewhere on the internet without permission, etc.

Please contact her if you notice anything suspicious across social media so that she can take action against the offenders that violated these guidelines.


Proper Etiquette

Vague phrases like “credit to the artist” are NOT an acceptable form of giving credit.

It’s best to follow the examples shown below when creating social media posts & other promotional materials.

❗️ Credit Examples ❗️


Types of Usage

What is commercial use?

Commercial Use

This applies to people who ARE actively making revenue while using her work.




What is non-profit use?

Non-Profit Use

Her work can be distributed to help both trusted charities & reputable individuals who are working hard to support various ethical causes worldwide.




  • Live charity events like VTubers For Hope
  • Fundraisers for international communities
  • Awareness campaigns held at a local level
What is personal use?

Personal Use

This means someone is NOT making any money while using her work.




  • Profile pictures
  • Social media banners
  • Desktop & phone wallpapers
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