Aiyoku Nakasu (she/they) is a Black, LGBTQ+ singer & artist from the United States. Starting on August 7th, 2014, she began her journey covering songs from various VOCALOID producers, Japanese anime shows & video games series on YouTube.

She’s been drawing since she was around 11-12 years old or earlier. She didn’t pick up digital art until after her friend MeeMee Costa gave her a Wacom Bamboo tablet as a gift while they were both taking a Graphic Design class in 2014. She has created many pieces of artwork since then. In fact, one of them has been featured on Mabinogi’s Art Corner!

She helped to co-found the public Discord server, Chorus Battle Central, among many other communities on the platform. Since 2017, she has participated in several chorus battles happening throughout the Youtaite community while going through her education.

In April 2021, she dipped her toes into making custom 3D models in a program called VRoidStudio as a hobby after college. This led to the establishment of both her BOOTH shop in June & the private guild meant for VRoid creators called The VRoid Academy in September. Aiyoku recently ended up as one of the co-founders of a brand new indie VTuber group called FanoiaEN with her close friends, TDW_8021 & DarkWolfie, in March 2024.



This table features the various projects that Aiyoku has played a role in over time.

Animation / Anime Music / OST / Singing Video Games / Visual Novels



Hamano Chiaki


Graphic Designer



Make sure to follow Aiyoku on social media to receive updates on her latest creations (i.e. a brand new shop item, VRoid model, song cover, etc.) 💜

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