Aiyoku Nakasu (she/they) is a Black LGBTQ+ singer & artist from the United States. Starting on August 7th, 2014, she began her journey covering songs from various VOCALOID producers, Japanese anime shows & video games series on YouTube.

She’s been drawing since she was around 11-12 years old or earlier. She didn’t pick up digital art until after her friend MeeMee Costa gave her a Wacom Bamboo tablet as a gift while they were both taking a Graphic Design class in 2014. She has created many pieces of artwork since then, one of which has been featured on Mabinogi’s Art Corner!

She co-founded the public Discord server called Chorus Battle Central among many other communities on the platform & took part in several chorus battles happening within the Youtaite community while going through her education.

In April 2021, she dipped her toes into making custom 3D models in a program called VRoidStudio as a hobby after college. This led to the establishment of both her BOOTH shop in June & the private guild for fellow VRoid creators called The VRoid Academy in September.

Follow Aiyoku on social media to receive updates on her latest creations, whether it’s a brand new shop item, VRoid model, song cover, or a teaser related to her ongoing VTuber redesign. 💜



This table features the various projects that Aiyoku has played a role in over time.

Animation / Anime Music / OST / Singing Video Games / Visual Novels



Graphic Designer

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