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Commissions TOS

By commissioning Aiyoku, you acknowledge & agree to follow the terms below.

  1. Payment is required before Aiyoku has started on the commission.
  2. Clients will only receive a refund if Aiyoku hasn’t started working on their commission.
  3. Do not rush her. She may take a long time to finish commissions.
  4. Credit is required to be given if a client uses and/or shares her art on any sites including social media.
  5. Commission slots are not given on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. Aiyoku will close her commissions once all slots are taken.
  7. She reserves the right to decline a commission.
  8. Commissions are usually meant for personal use. Please let her know ahead of time if you plan to use her art for commercial purposes.
  9. Do not trace over and/or modify her art in any way, shape, or form without Aiyoku’s permission. This also applies to AI/ML generative models.
  10. No refunds shall be given out after commissions have been delivered to her clients.
  11. If a client canceled their commission before it’s been delivered, Aiyoku has every right to repurpose it with permission in any way to recoup costs.
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