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Clipping Guidelines

VTuber clippers of any size are FREE to monetize their clips across various platforms as long as they adhere to these guidelines.

♿️ Accessibility

⚠️ Important Notes & Definitions ⚠️

  • Captions in various languages help make clips more accessible to HOH and d/Deaf viewers as well as anyone else that needs and/or wants captioning. ♿️
    • HOH is an abbreviation that stands for folks who are hard of hearing.
    • deaf refers to people that are deaf but don’t identify culturally as deaf.
    • Deaf refers to people who identify culturally as deaf and are active in the Deaf community.
  • Captions and subtitles are defined differently in the US.
    • Captions are audio to text.
    • Subtitles are translations of the audio into text.

✅ Captioning Tips

  • Use sans-serif and/or mono font types, such as Roboto Mono or Lexend.
  • Always display captions on screen for more than a split second.
  • You should only apply one of these text effects to reflect color contrast.
    • An opaque, black background sitting behind the white captions.
    • A black outline around them with the font being in a light color.
  • Captions are not meant for the clipper(s), but instead for d/Deaf and HOH people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch the video content.
  • Make sure your captions are professional and readable for the audience.
    • That means transcribing what is actually said in the original video.
      • Don’t just edit AI-generated captions and call it a deal.
    • Don’t add emojis & unrelated jokes into your captions.
🎨 Artwork Usage
  • It’s okay to use any images of her VTuber models in videos & thumbnails.
    • Feel free to reach out to Aiyoku via DMs on Discord to obtain them.
  • Ask for permission from artists before using any of their fanart for clips!
    • If they’re unreachable by any means, refrain from including the art.
🙄 Drama & Misuse
  • Avoid intentional misuse of clips taken from both solo & collaborative streams featuring Aiyoku as much as possible.
    • This is directed at clippers that don’t actively misrepresent her.
    • The only exception(s) to this are longer clips like the Unusual VTuber Memes Compilation by TinyTuberClips.
  • Spreading hearsay & gossip without any prior context is NOT okay.
📺 Sharing & Uploading
  • Don’t re-upload ANY clips without permission from the original clipper(s)!
    • This mainly applies to clips that get re-uploaded to TikTok, YT, etc.
  • Anyone can share both edited & translated clips in Aiyoku’s Fanbase.
    • There is a dedicated text chat under 💐 Fan Content for them.

Clip Examples

The following videos are meant to be teaching material for new & old clippers.


A scuffed attempt of me singing "ETHYRIA" by Enna Alouette that I recorded just for fun. 💜 nijisanji ethyria vtuber vtubestudio

♬ original sound - Aiyoku 💜
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