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Fanart Guidelines

NOTE: Anyone caught violating these guidelines will be blocked and/or called out publicly on social media if a resolution can’t be reached between parties in private.

🤖 A.I. Generation
  • Refrain from using AI/ML generative models (i.e. Stable Diffusion, Novel AI, DALL-E, Nijijourney, etc.) for creating fanart custom stream assets.
    • This includes usage of tools like Chat-GPT for fanfiction & other written materials published on AO3, Cohost, Tumblr, Pillowfort, etc.
  • Avoid using Aiyoku’s voice to train an A.I. to replicate it w/o permission.
👛 Fan Merchandise
  • Please reach out first for Aiyoku’s approval if you plan to create fan merchandise of her designs to sell at both conventions & online shops.
    • Reselling ANY fan merchandise on various sites like Aliexpress without prior authorization is strictly forbidden. 💢
  • Make sure it’s derivative enough to avoid violating her BOOTH Shop TOS.
    • This mainly applies to any items made in VRoidStudio that either are inspired by her likeness and/or feature it.
📋 General
  • If you post fanart on social media, use the hashtag #yokuillust and/or mention Aiyoku so that she can see it! 💜
  • Please refrain from white-washing her skin tone in all forms of artwork.
  • Genderbent designs of her VTuber models are totally OK to create! 👍
  • Everything also applies to any commissioned works that are gifted to her.
  • Make sure to use content/trigger warnings if they are deemed necessary.
🔞 NSFW Content
  • Use the #YokuNSFW tag when you’re posting lewd content of Aiyoku.
    • Do not show depictions of her doing sexual acts as a minor.
  • Such material needs to be hidden behind a visual filter and/or shown as a SFW cropped image when it’s shared on various social media platforms.
💜 Shipping
  • Aiyoku doesn’t mind being shipped with her friends & other content creators as long as they’re also comfortable with it.
  • Please respect the wishes of both parties to avoid causing drama online.
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