Specialite’s Japanese and English VTuber Talents to Debut December 2

REALITY Studios announced 7 new VTuber talents under its Specialite label, as well as the schedule for their debut streams. Three Japanese talents and four English-speaking talents will be debuting on Saturday, December 2 (Pacific Time).

Meet Specialite’s First Generation Talents

Miki Hitsugi / 火継みき (EN)

Character Design by: YoukaYouTube / X (Twitter) / TwitchAnime and game enthusiast with a shy and sweet yet naive personality; also has a chuunibyou persona.Self-proclaimed “Cutest fire spirit” who does not actually have powers. She loves rice balls“My favorite one has maguro [tuna] inside!”

Utahime Mochizuki / 望月歌姫 (EN)

Character Design by: MuryoYouTube / X (Twitter) Daughter of powerful mages who controlled the sun and moon.Describes herself as “a dog with a ridiculous amount of magical power,” is a weather mage-in-training, and her hat has a bite mark thanks to her loyal chimera friend.

Victoria Valerie / ヴィクトリア・ヴァレリー (EN)

Character Design by: Minori ChigusaYouTube / X (Twitter)Unlike all other EN talents, her teaser shows no initial description.Secret agent who’s into drinking tea and admits liking League of Legends.

Miu Akumiya / あくみゃみう

Character Design by: Yukisame (Calliope Mori)YouTube / X (Twitter)Student council president who comes off as strict, but her secret hobby is gaming and making witty roasts with a straight face after school.One of her replies show a hint that she can also understand Japanese.

Nano Kozuya / 小鳥谷なの (JP)

Character Design by: SaineYouTube / X (Twitter)This cheerful officer’s teaser hints that she could be a fast-talker.

Koma Oboro / 尾幌こま (JP)

Character Design by: wataYouTube / X (Twitter)Described as a gunman who is ready to defend herself if necessary.

Siu Aisaka / 藍坂しう (JP)

Character Design by: memenoYouTube / X (Twitter) / TwitchDescribed as a “junior genius gamer” VTuber who does lots of things.

Debut Schedule

The schedule for the debut streams is as follows (in Pacific Time, followed by Japan time):

JP Talents: Saturday, December 2, 2023

03:00AM~: Nano Kozuya  (08:00PM JST, 11:00AM UTC)03:30AM~: Koma Oboro (08:30PM JST, 11:30AM UTC)04:00AM~: Siu Aisaka (09:00PM JST, 12:00PM UTC)04:30AM~: Collab Stream (Nano Kozuya, Koma Oboro, Siu Aisaka) (09:30PM JST, 12:30PM UTC)

EN Talents: Saturday, December 2, 2023

07:00PM~: Miki Hitsugi (Dec 3, 12:00PM JST, 03:00AM UTC) 07:30PM~: Utahime Mochizuki (Dec 3, 12:30PM JST, 03:30AM UTC) 08:00PM~: Victoria Valerie (Dec 3, 01:00PM JST, 04:00AM UTC) 08:30PM~: Miu Akumiya (Dec 3, 01:30PM JST, 04:30AM UTC) 09:00PM~: Collab Stream (Miki Hitsugi, Utahime Mochizuki, Victoria Valerie, Miu Akumiya) (Dec 3, 02:00PM JST, 05:00AM UTC)

The group also said that additional JP talents are scheduled to debut at a later date as a part of the 1st generation on top of the announced JP talents. Auditions for its second generation of talents are being planned as well, with updates for this coming up in the future.

Specialite, a female-character centric agency, was launched May this year with an open audition for VTuber talents. The talents will be managed by the same studio as KMNZ, VESPERBELL and First Stage Production.

Source: Press Release