KMNZ’s LIZ Announces Departure From Group

VTuber hip-hop duo KMNZ (say Kemonoz) has announced that KMNZ LIZ, the other half of the duo; is set to leave from the group and end her activities as KMNZ LIZ on December 31, 2023.


この度、2023年12月31日をもちまして、メンバーの「KMNZ LIZ」がKMNZを卒業、及び「KMNZ LIZ」としてのアーティスト活動を終了する運びとなりましたことをご報告いたします。

— KMNSTREET@KMNZ公式 (@KMNSTREET) December 1, 2023

In a recent announcement posted on the duo’s official X (Twitter) account, they stated that the departure comes after repeated discussions among KMNZ members and the management regarding the duo’s future activities.

Moreover, following the announcement, the management has expressed gratitude to fans who have supported the duo for over five years since they were first formed in June 2018. KMNZ had also announced that they are planning to unveil a new ‘restarted’ and restructured KMNZ Project.

With LIZ’s departure from KMNZ, the following will be executed:

All updated on LIZ’s X (Twitter) account will cease to post any updates moving forward following the departure, with her livestreams and other video assets on YouTube remaining public.KMNZ will be releasing its “KMNSUPPLY” collection, which will include KMNZ’s best albums under its current lineup.

In a separate statement, LIZ has stated that she is thankful for all the fans who have continued to cheer and support them.

“Although it is very painful to be separated from everyone, the staff, and most importantly, my partner, I would be happy if you could watch over my graduation for the sake of a bright future for each of us.”

Meanwhile, LITA has stated that the times she has sung songs with LIZ are all ‘treasures’, and that she thanks everyone for all the love they have received.

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