What To Expect at hololive’s Store at Tokyo Character Street

If you’re visiting Tokyo between November 2023 and January 2024, you might have the chance to pick up some exclusive hololive goodies in one of the city’s most iconic strips.

Studio 31 on Tokyo Character Street has been transformed into a hololive fan’s dream with a pop-up shop between 16 November 2023 and 18 January 2024. It’s open every day from 10am to 8:30pm, although it will run on reduced hours on major holidays.

Tokyo Character Street is located in the bellows of JR Tokyo Station. It can be a bit of a maze to navigate towards, but head towards the north-east and dip underground—you should eventually find it. Hololive occupies a nice corner on the west side of the strip.

It’s focused on hololive’s partnership with Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government, with Gawr Gura, Sakura Miko, and Mori Calliope being named tourism ambassadors earlier in 2023. The three have dressed up as flight attendants and train conductors, and you can get some travel merch at the pop-up store.

There are bigger individual merch stalls for hololive English and hololive DEV_IS’ ReGLOSS unit. Both include standees, pins, key chains, posters, stickers, and even coin purses. That’s on top of more generic merch for the broader hololive branches in Japan and Indonesia, with plushies on offer for many of the members.

If you’re a fan of HOLOSTARS, you haven’t been forgotten. There is a small stand of goods for the Japan boys, including standees, key chains, and photocards.

However, there are no HOLOSTARS English goods despite ARMIS’ debut on November 18 and 19 local time. With Wave 2 and 3 goods on its way, this could change so be sure to check in during your visit to Tokyo.

While you’re in the store, you can admire the full-size standees of Gura, Miko, and Calli in their uniforms. You can also jam out to the hololive music playing over the PA, and occasionally hear an announcement from one of the three ambassadors.

Outside the store there is a rotating screen featuring every member of Hololive and HOLOSTARS excluding ARMIS.

If you want to visit Tokyo Character Street and the hololive pop-up store, we recommend you go during the week to avoid queues. We went at 10am on a Monday and had to queue very briefly, but it flowed very quickly. If you have to go on weekends, it’s best to go near the end of the day.