HOLOSTARS EN Gets 4 New VTubers in ARMIS Unit

Hololive English’s male branch, HOLOSTARS EN, is expanding yet again with four more VTubers debuting as part of ARMIS.

Jurard T Rexford, Goldbullet, Octavio, and Crimzon Ruze make up the new quartet joining the TEMPUS universe on November 18 and 19, Japan time.

“ARMIS is a group of the world’s strongest bounty hunters that stand apart from the six righteous heroes of TEMPUS,” according to their lore. “These brave men are looking to make it big by exterminating all corruption beasts. They’ll carve out a new future for all to see!”

Jurard T Rexford does his bidding with dual pistols, with the prince getting around in his clawed crown. His nobility bleeds into his work, believing money and power can solve everything.

Goldbullet can do it all: sharp shoot with a sniper, cook you a nice meal afterwards, and draw a pretty picture of that scene.

Octavio is the mysterious one of the bunch ⁠— even if he’s not the one donning a mask. A puppeteer by trade, he waves his conductor’s baton to dictate the tempo of battle.

Crimzon Ruze is said masked bandit, wielding a great axe as large as his personality. Strength and skill play equal part in his bounty hunting, and that’ll extend into his on-stream vibes.

HOLOSTARS ARMIS’ debuts in the coming days will be the first under a new policy from hololive regarding streaming during major events.

Hololive VTubers will no longer be blocked from streaming during debuts or 3D showcases. Instead, only talents from the same branch ⁠— that is hololive, hololive English, hololive Indonesia, HOLOSTARS, and HOLOSTARS English ⁠— will be prohibited unless it’s a watchalong event.

Additionally, hololive is encouraging fans to do their own watchalong streams. Fans can rebroadcast the video live without audio to share their reactions with their own audiences. 

???????? #supportARMIS ♾????

To celebrate the debut of HOLOSTARS English -ARMIS-, let’s all watch their historical debut stream together!✨#holoARMIS #supportARMIS pic.twitter.com/eDHGU8doMG

— hololive production (English) (@hololive_En) November 16, 2023

You can catch the first ARMIS member in action, Jurard T Rexford, on November 18 at 12PM JST.