Project STAR VTuber Riro Ron Terminated

Riro Ron, a VTuber talent under idol Virtual Talents‘ Project STAR, has been terminated, the agency announced Tuesday, November 28. Idol discovered in their internal investigation that the talent violated her contract with the agency, citing several reasons:

That Riro Ron misused controlled substances during live streams,Solicited fans for private offline meetings during members streams, eventually meeting with a fan in person and accepting gifts amounting to thousands of dollars from the said fan,and having a secret relationship with a member of idol’s management team, who is also terminated upon confirmation.

Notice regarding Termination of “Riro Ron”

— idol (@idol_corp) November 28, 2023

What will happen next for Riro Ron’s YouTube channel and other online assets?

Idol will shut down Riro Ron’s YouTube channel and its memberships by January 1, 2024.As for refunds for merchandise and donations made during her donothon, idol will be publishing an official refund request form on its Discord server.All Riro Ron and Project STAR channels on idol’s Discord server will also be removed following the said notice.

We are reaching out to idol to clarify if Project STAR will continue to exist following this, and we will update as soon as we receive a response.

Riro Ron’s last post on X (Twitter) prior to the termination was from November 5, where she apologized for making jokes that made some viewers concerned:

“[…] After consulting with management, we agreed together that I should clear my head from streaming and reflect on this by taking a short break, as I haven’t been in the best mental state for some time now. […]”

Idol launched Project STAR as a virtual singer division separate from its other generations with the debut of Riro Ron on February 16 this year. Singer kyOresu was revealed as the personality behind the said VTuber.

In a separate update sent to NewsDrop, idol has no plans to continue Project STAR moving forward and considers it closed following Riro’s termination, adding that no new talent will be added to the said initiative. However, as idol has a lot of incredible performers in its roster, they may look into a more open-ended designation for VSinger talents.

On the other hand, kyOresu has responded on her personal X (Twitter) account after a long period of inactivity; saying that she was also shocked to see the notice, she cannot clarify the matter with honesty and transparency because she is bound to a non-disclosure agreement, and that she is extremely disappointed and has nothing to apologize for. She thanks her followers for their patience during this time.

By the time of the termination announcement, Riro Ron is followed by 57,900 subscribers on YouTube and 18,600 X (Twitter) users.