Event Report: Philippines Screening for Vox Akuma’s “The Demon Hungers”

The Demon Hungers is NIJISANJI EN star Vox Akuma‘s major undertaking this year, combining his interests in film, lore and VTubing. His Kindred has already caught wind of this major project since late September, and plans were on the way to host a watch party to mark the occasion.

It’s no coincidence that I get to witness this before my own eyes—after all, such gem of a screening should not be missed. I secured my seat to witness how his Kindred will react as they watch a full-length film painstakingly produced, directed (and edited, take note) by their one and only Milord.

The Philippines was among the first to host such screenings on time, followed by Singapore and Thailand.

We set the film and our review aside for another piece; first, I want to describe to you the Kindred present in the screening. While everyone’s in their own circles of influence, most of them seemingly will happily talk about Milord at a drop of a hat.

Just a few walks away from the registration counter, you get to see a whole load of Vox Akuma and NIJISANJI EN merchandise, from the common Nijippets and acrylic standees, to what seems like rare illustrations.

From there, look to your left and see a large banner set up for Kindred to write their congratulatory messages. To your right, there’s a larger banner of one of Luxiem’s biggest stars. Beside it is a height chart detailing the heights of other NIJIEN talents (we’ll get to that later).

The time has come, and as soon as the film starts, everyone was glued to their seats. Undisturbed, they watched the whole film in all its glory. What comes after the film though is something unexpected: Vox revealed his new form—or rather, his true form—to everyone.

This followed by lamentations uttered by the voice demon, and his Kindred was consoling him—sometimes ending up in jest.

At the end of everything, it has been revealed that Vox’s latest form puts him on top of the NIJISANJI EN height charts—at 220 centimeters, the tallest among every NIJI EN talent in the roster. He has left Doppio Dropscythe coping afterwards.

The organizers of the watch party are no strangers in gathering fans together, as they have organized cup sleeve events prior to this. Realizing that the community is big to prompt a watch party at such a niche movie house, they once again got fans together for such a momentous night.

One of the organizing staff members, Kindred A, told us that they are looking forward to more films from the one and only Vox Akuma himself in the future.