VTuber History and Culture Book Kaze to Virtual to be Released at Comiket 103

By the end of the year, Kaze to Virtual, an independently-produced literary and historical journal about VTubers in the Japanese language, will debut at Comiket 103 (December 30-31, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight).

Writers who contributed to this publication offer a wide range of perspectives on the VTuber landscape:

古月 (Furutsuki) – who wrote the book’s Introduction, ゆがみん (Yugamin) – who wrote a piece discussing the reason for choosing “Kaze to Virtual” over “Kaze to Real,”松VR (Matsu VR) – Providing a subjective account of historical products leading to VTubers,myrmecoleon – Discussing the relationship between VTubers and Nico Nico Douga,ただのん (Tadano) – Sharing insights from the perspective of a long-time internet user on the virtual world and activities,Interviews from みゅみゅ (Myumyu) “Yes, it’s Myumyu,” and 雪猫カゥル (Yukineko Kauru) “Everything is for the world’s mysteries,”すら (Sura) – who wrote a column titled “Why did virtual YouTubers become popular?,” and岸嶺ミミム (Kishimine Mimimu) – who wrote a piece about Kizuna AI’s adventures in China.

This present VTuber phase is historically significant, according to the editorial team of Kaze to Virtual, and they wanted to document it so that future generations could comprehend and appreciate it.

Kaze to Virtual documents the VTuber scene from a Japanese viewpoint with the goal of presenting a thorough grasp of the scene and its cultural relevance.

In addition, the magazine gives writers a forum to discuss VTubers and add to the continuing discussion and analysis of this new phenomenon.

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詳細は後日また発表します!#C103WebCatalog pic.twitter.com/AfDqivuJJO

— 古月 (@ran_koga_mas) November 10, 2023

For more information on Kaze to Virtual, you can reach out to its chief editor 古月 (Furutsuki) on X/Twitter.

Source: Japanese Press Release / Produced with assistance from ChatPDF