Phase Connect’s Euphoria Generation Debuts December 17

Phase Connect announces the debut of five new talents under the Euphoria generation: Saya Sairroxs, Runie Ruse, Muu Muyu, Hikanari Hina and Eimi Isami.

The talents will debut on December 17 starting at 3:00pm Pacific Time.

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It’s time!
Phase-03 Euphoria is finally here!

Debute Date: 12.17.2023

The magical journey with Phase Connect continues..!

Phase Euphoria Members:
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— Phase Connect Official (@PhaseConnect) December 4, 2023

Meet Phase-03 Euphoria

Saya Sairroxs

Saya described herself as “always hot and bothered,” but much is yet to be discovered from this new talent aside from having a spunky aura.Debut stream: December 18 / 8am Japan time · Twitter/X

Runie Ruse

Runie tells her story: “So I broke a few rules, betrayed a few gods… can’t a girl have any fun?” She said that she also has an army of demons. She has released an English cover of Mori Calliope’s Future Island. Debut stream: December 18 / 8:45am · Twitter/X

Hikanari Hina

The soft-voiced Hina is “praying for the both of us!”A friendly version of the debut trailer has been provided by Phase-Connect, with Hina’s outfit covered.Debut stream: December 18 / 10:15am · Twitter/X

Muu Muyu

Muu describes herself as a great alchemist who asks not to be carried by her tail. She heavily insists she is not for milking or eating either.Like Runie, she has her own “mini moo army” and is open to new recruits.Debut stream: December 18 / 9:30am Japan time · Twitter/X

Eimi Isami

Eimi is a hamster who appears human. She said she is a cheese enjoyer, which could be a stereotype given the recommended cheese diet for actual hamsters is the size of a pea.She has already released a quick cover of FIFTYFIFTY’s hit single Cupid, showing her singing prowess.Debut stream: December 18 / 11am Japan Time · Twitter/X