The VTuber Awards 2023 Winners to Be Recognized December 16

The nominees for The VTuber Awards 2023 have been announced, and there is still time to vote for your favorite until December 11. Log in using your Google account and start voting.

Nominees at a Glance

All three major VTuber groups—hololive, NIJISANJI and VShojo—have been nominated for the Best VTuber Organization category.Among the three major agencies, hololive has 17 nominations mostly from their English branch, followed by NIJISANJI with 12 and VShojo with 9.All of NIJISANJI EN’s LazuLight are nominated in different categories.NIJISANJI’s Selen Tatsuki, hololive’s Ceres Fauna, VShojo’s Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Kuro Kurenai (K9KURO), Zentreya and Henya the Genius, and independent VTubers Chibidoki and CottontailVA are nominated in two or more categories.VTuber companies such as idol Virtual Talents and Phase Connect also have their representations in the nominees’ roster.Phase Connect is the longest running group among the nominees in the Rising VTuber Organization category which also includes 3AM, V-Dere and VChiban!.Korean VTubing is represented by ISEGYE IDOL (Isegye Festival) and one of its talents Gosegu (nominated for Best Just Chatting VTuber).

The VTuber Awards presents itself as the first major awards show dedicated exclusively to virtual creators and their contribution to streaming culture.

The gala night will be held at the WePlay Esports Arena Los Angeles, produced by WePlay Studios and broadcast live on Filian’s Twitch channel. The VTuber Awards is hosted by Filian in collaboration with Mythic Talent.

Source: The VTuber Awards Press Office