Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! If you post it on Twitter or Mastodon, use #yokuillust and/or mention me so that I can see it! Sending it via DMs or directly in Aiyoku’s Fanbase is also acceptable. All fanart is featured on my persona reference doc.

I only accept art trades from fellow artists & close friends of mine.

I’ve been drawing since I was around 11-12 years old or earlier. I didn’t pick up digital art until after my friend MeeMee Costa gave me a Wacom Bamboo tablet as a gift while we were both taking a Graphic Design class in 2014.

I post my artwork on both Ko-Fi & Twitter.


Aside from sending DMs to individual clients, I mainly keep track of progress on commissions via Trello. General updates like changes to my TOS are announced as often as needed in Aiyoku’s Fanbase.

All clients will receive a Google form link to submit testimonials.

Those who ordered VRoid models will receive the following items:

I accept payment through the following methods:


Feedback collected from the members of Aiyoku’s Fanbase is kept in a private Trello board.

  • Discord: It has self-assignable roles, lots of public & private categories, etc.
  • Twitter: It’s publicly visible, roles are limited to 3, Tweets must be related to my content, etc.

Staff applications for Aiyoku’s Fanbase will be kept open indefinitely.


I have no problem with this as long as it is for non-profit / personal use with credit & a link back to my content. However, I do not appreciate my work being used for commercial purposes without my explicit and/or written permission. Please contact me if you see anything suspicious so that I can take action.

I don’t mind being shipped with friends of mine as long as they’re also okay with it. Please make sure to use content & trigger warnings if necessary when you’re posting such content on Twitter.

  • Personal use means someone is not making any money with my work (i.e. profile pictures, social media banners, etc.)
  • Commercial use means they are making revenue with my work (i.e. Twitch & YT streams, physical merchandise, etc.)

Monetary Support

  • Canva: Virtual tokens that I can use to get their premium photos, icons, or illustrations for FREE
  • Carrd: 30% of each upgrade or renewal to one of their subscription plans (i.e. Pro Lite, Pro Standard, Pro Plus)
  • Casting Call Club: Karma and/or a FREE CCC membership if a friend upgrades to being a Gold member
  • Ko-Fi Gold: The same benefits that come with subscribing to the platform’s subscription service
  • MEGA: 20% of the revenue from each purchase made by a user I’ve referred to MEGA
  • Throne Gifts: Various items sold by Amazon & other online sellers that are mailed to me

Use the following links to financially support me so that I can keep making content:

NOTE: Every donation is non-refundable, so choose wisely!


Yes, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll sing every song that is requested by fans. You can submit them through here.

Yes! I love collaborating with other singers. 

My music is available on the following platforms:

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